Monday, January 10


I haven't yet had a chance to blog my Sine Wave Theory. Those that I've bored with it in real life would have heard that I think happiness (and so negative feelings) go up and down with time, following a strict sine wave, whose peaks may vary. It's all very complex, but generally explains my own moods and feelings, as well as giving me comfort when I'm going through a bad patch.

Messing around with some PHP, I've come across an example which asks the user to enter their birthday and generates a Biorhythm graph for them. If you don't know about these then you may have already guessed; these are a measurement of various metrics (like emotion and intuition) which happen to follow a sine wave. In short, it's my theory.

I'm not sure how long Biorhythms have been around, but I'm certain they predate my own observations. But it still feels nice to be validated (even though there is no scientific evidence for it).

Anyway, I dunno how many of you believe in this stuff - you may even pour as much scorn on it as I do on horoscopes and the like. For me, my theory (hey, I still came up with it independently) means that for all the bad times, there are good ones to follow. It also helps me accept that a person can have bad times for no apparent reason.

Anyway, I'm probably sounding like a crackpot now, so I'll stop. But if you are interested google Biorhythms, generate a graph for yourself and see how closely it follows your own behavior. Better still do this retrospectively and generate the graph for a previous time and see if it backtests ok. I'd be interested in any results you find. Oh and if you ever want to know whether I'm in a bad mood or not, check mine.

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  1. sounds like a new age techno interpretation of yin and yang. which basically is everything is circular. like a positive and negative charge. the trick is to have them in some kind of balance, mr miyagi.