Monday, January 24

One To Watch

Smallville Season 4 Premiere, E4, 9pm.

Ok, I'll admit that I've been watching Smallville out of loyalty for a while now. Let's face it guys - it's pretty dire and a shadow of its former self. However promises of a darker story, new characters and Other New Things have convinced me to give the show another chance.

It best beware though; my new policy of not-watching-stuff-I-don't-want-to is in full effect, and I'm just dying to try it on something I've followed since the beginning.


  1. today? damn missed it :-(

    for those of you girls(and guys(you weirdos you!)) who are new to the smallville world... i do feel sorry for you - you dont know what youve been missing out on - Tom Welling, hes the star of the show.

    of course, these pics dont do him justice. you have to see him in action. he'll just keep you glued to your seats till the show is over - trust me on this.

    (hope you didnt mind the ad, spamz)

    anyway, positive feedback most welcome!

  2. oh btw, he is married.