Thursday, August 26

Supporting a Muslim Primary School

I hate it when people spam my inbox with requests to vote for something or sign an online petition. I just don't want to know. Why not put it on a blog instead? Heck I'd even prefer you raising awareness via Twitter or an FB status update.

Anyway since we're on the subject how about you consider signing the following petition at It's to support a bid for a new Muslim primary school in Redbridge. I won't sell the idea too much, but this kinda makes sense since there are so many Muslims in the borough.

Of course you don't have to be Muslim to sign, but you do have to live in the UK (and not just in Redbridge). Apparently you can sign on behalf of your kids too. Oh and please feel free to pass the link around.

Anyway I'll stop now. Look at me, using my blog for good. Must be a holy month or something.


  1. I've never been convinced of the effectiveness of online petitions; or those email petitions that go around (you know: put your name down and pass it on. when we get to x number of signatures, we send it to whoever the authority is).

    Because the Internet can be an anonymous medium for you to sign these things - how could any authority figure take such an idea seriously? Any person can just make up names and vote hundreds of times.

    Seriously - I don't see the point of such things.

    Or am I wrong? Are they actually effective? (I'm too lazy to research it ;)

  2. I guess it comes down to this: is there any adverse effect in signing it? Maybe the chances are super slim, but what if it does have an effect? What's to lose?

    I do agree with your sentiment though. Locally they're using plain ol' paper petitions, this was just the best way for me to reach a particular audience the most efficiently. And also I suspect putting a mailing address alongside your name in an online petition counts for a lot too.