Tuesday, August 3


[19:43:59] xxxx
    gave in to the Saffan gtalk trend i see :P
[19:44:15] Shak
    what can i say? you guys are too alluring to miss out on
[19:46:10] xxxx
    ah :) well we are a tad more friendly than poms :P
[19:46:56] Shak
    that you are. big shame about the arrogance and misplaced self-belief though, but hey can't have everything :)
[19:48:49] xxxx
    haha i can say the same about ur online persona :P
[19:50:24] Shak
    you could, but then you'd be just as unfriendly as poms. which would also make you a hypocrite :)
[19:51:20] xxxx
    haha funny how we're using emoticons to appear to soften the snide remarks
[19:57:34] Shak
    we? :)
[19:57:59] Shak
    this is a fine example of why I give you guys such a hard time. I'm going to snippet this.

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