Sunday, August 15

Game: Alan Wake Click for more info

Alan Wake is one of those titles that is more than just a game. Don't get me wrong; there is plenty of game here, with its tight controls, excellent learning curve and hard-but-not-really level of difficulty. Even if you ignore the plot you're sure to have a pretty good time playing this.

But ignoring the plot would be a pretty big mistake since its precisely that which makes an okay game actually rather great. You have the mind games, the manipulations, the twists and the sheer scary bits all coming together in a pretty compelling storyline, something alone which makes me want to see what happens next. It's one of those creepy tales which almost get you doubting yourself, and yes, I'm not ashamed to say that I jumped more than a few times toward the start.

It's very linear (which as some of you may know is something I love in a game) and you never get lost or feel like you're wasting time. There is a lot for explorers to do too, but otherwise I don't think this game will last more than twenty hours or so.

Fun, scary and engaging, I quite like Alan Wake. Recommended.

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