Monday, August 9

New Music

Yes, you've guessed it: it's the traditional pre-Ramadhan gorging of music! They're all very similar songs to be honest, proof once again how much of a sucker I am for manufactured stuff. Anyway:

Sajde - Khatta Meetha

I think this is romantic, but I'm not quite sure.

Tum Jo Aaye - Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

I'll confess: I still confuse this song with the above. This one is sweeter I reckon.

Pee Loon - Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

I actually think the Pee Loon bit is quite annoying; it's the hook that saves this song for me. Although it loses points again for the Hashmi-laden video.


  1. I would have/ could have liked Pee Loon, but the line 'hai peenay ka mausam' is just plain vahiyat. It makes me cringe every single time.

  2. My language skills have failed me. What does that mean?

  3. I've been playing these on loop for the last wee while. Will prob switch to Naats tomorrow.

    Humairah: Why is it so offensive? I just took it to mean drinking in her beauty?

  4. Anonymous11:46

    HW that is what it means. It just sounds eww to me. I'm easily offended :)