Friday, August 20


xxxx [09:58]:
    just out of interest
    what our
    "looks" requirements


xxxx [09:59]:
    the bare minimum that is not negoatiable
    so deep, im going to remembe this moment
Shak [09:59]:
    ther's this bird [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
    she's hot
    i think we bumped into her [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
xxxx [10:00]:
    ohhh thinki met her [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
    I THINK, shes...not our lot
Shak [10:01]:
    yeh, the JD bottle [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] is a dead giveaway
    as well as teh [kara]
xxxx [10:01]:
Shak [10:01]:
    as you can see.. ive done my homework
xxxx [10:01]:
    defo back that
    if anyone
    can convert
    its you
Shak [10:01]:
    aw.. so sweet, thanks man!

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