Sunday, August 8

Film: Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai Click for more info

Considering the critical acclaim the film has received, I was expecting much more from OUATIM. I actually believe that Bollywood can do gangster flicks quite well, so it wasn't a flaw with the chosen genre; for me the film underperformed on a variety of levels.

Technically there wasn't much to talk about. The acting was passable, the direction unambitious. Considering the film was base don true events (despite the makers saying otherwise), I found the plot to be quite flat and even redundant at times; and any attempts at the movie to bring in other themes (like love and romance) were just plain confusing.

I admit say that I'm only being harsh due to the expectations I had going in to the film, but either way I don't feel the film does enough to warrant its two and a half running time - I even think that the makers forgot to create an ending, something which leads me to believe that this was a film only for those who live in Mumbai itself, those who already have an adequate context.

One to skip (and yes, I should have watched Aisha instead).

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  1. My film would have kicked your film's ass.