Sunday, March 22

Film: Lesbian Vampire Killers Click for more info


I like to think that I have some standards and I probably wouldn't have enjoyed a film made purely for titillation purposes. That's not to say that LVK isn't all about hot vampires who like to make out with each other - 'cos it is, and there's plenty of t&a to back that up (but no blue penises, perhaps somewhat fortunately) - but since it also brings with it a semi-decent plot and a whole bunch of laughs and balls I actually managed to look past the obvious and have fun with this movie.

Yes, it's poorly made (the hammer b-film thing doesn't work too well) but it has got charm and wit (if you're into that kinda thing). You'll know if you'll like this, and not just because you've always dreamed of a film about lesbian vampires: for those of you who are probably way more sensible than I am, give it a miss. For the rest of you, enjoy.

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