Saturday, March 28

The Cotswolds, Day One: Eventually Getting There

It really shouldn't have taken us four hours to get to The Cotswolds. To be fair, it was a team effort, one in which we did ourselves proud. I won't dwell on exactly why it took us so long.

The place in which we were staying for the weekend was pretty amazing. It was clean, modern, comfortable and well specified: from the plasma on the wall to the jetty on the adjoining lake we were pretty much sorted. We all wondered what it would be like to have such a place as a second home.

Since it was already late, this didn't leave us with much to do tonight apart, from eating a fabulous dinner. I had no problem with this; yes, there is plenty of stuff do in The Cotswolds, but personally I just wanted to chill out with good company. Judging by our time here so far I think I'll definitely get my wish.

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