Monday, March 2

Courchevel, Day Three: Finding My Ski Legs

Sometimes it just takes a click to make things work. Take the snow plough, for instance; where after a whole afternoon practising yesterday I still couldn't get it to work, it immediately did during my lesson this morning. However being a master of the snow plough has allowed me to see with even more insight how useless it truly is.

But we went on, this time learning to turn. That connection between snow and ski that the more experienced skiers may tell us about was beginning to form in me and things were starting to flow a bit more naturally and instinctively now. I was even beginning to have a little bit of fun.

Toward the end of the lesson we were taken down half a green (Jardin Alpin), the same it took the others an hour to come down from yesterday. It was scary and brilliant; I fell many times, at times due to being technically rubbish and at others due to plain old fear (why don't these places have fences dammit?).

In the afternoon I decided to try the run alone. I nearly gave up and bailed, but I'm glad I didn't. It was awesome being able to ski alone back down to the cable car station that first took up up; I don't envisage using anything but two planks of wood on my feet to come down a mountain now.

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