Tuesday, March 10

Film: The International Click for more info

Thriller about a bunch of law enforcers (the DA and Interpol, no less) trying to take down a rogue bank. And if that sounds unexciting to you then don't worry; this is a whiff of a film that struggles to get going from the start.

The most depressing thing is the missed opportunity; the context is big enough to have provided some pretty awesome thrills but each time a set piece presented itself the people behind the film decided to kill it. As such it was pretty frustrating as each seed of excitement was taken away prematurely.

The International got the basics right: the acting and production values are pretty good, the film well made as a whole. It's just a damn shame nothing much happens in it.


  1. What was the point of Naomi Watts' character?

  2. The Big O,

    A bad American accent? I don't even know if it was real or not.

  3. Not as she's "British-Australian". And while she's attractive, she's not even babe material. Would have been different had they had Penelope Cruz in that role. :-D

    Much preferred the last Clive Owen film I watched, the brilliant"Shoot 'Em Up".