Sunday, March 29

The Cotswolds, Day Two: Getting Out and Staying In

Despite a late night we were all out of bed by a decent hour. Breakfast was a lazy yet efficient affair as we were all raring to get out and do something. The house was even better during the day as we took advantage of the jetty on the lake. Having a lake as a back garden is something we wouldn't see for a while I think.

We eventually decided to venture out and making use of the house bikes we explored the local area. South Cerney is nice enough village, typically so in fact, and we were all lapping in the warm atmosphere despite it being pretty chilly out.

After our pub lunch we made our way back to the house in order to take shelter against the temperamental weather. This meant more chilling out (yay) and finally a chance to exploit some of the entertainment we had brought along with us - we had a game of Pictionary, whiteboard and all. After some exquisite artistic talent the weather cleared up just enough to allow a couple of games of Tennis in the on-site courts.

After a quick round of Poker, we sat down for our second, and final, dinner. This turned out to last for an unreasonably long time: the five hours for which we sat talking and gossiping about nothing flew by.

It sucks that we're leaving tomorrow. It's almost painful to think about it.

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