Thursday, March 5

Courchevel, Day Six: Winding Down

I had a bit of an uneventful day today. Not that I didn't do any skiing, but as we approach the end of the week we've kinda plateaued in what we can actually achieve in lessons. My technique is still poo, but since we were asked to buy a full pass (as beginners we were previously sticking to the cheaper minipass) we tried another, higher, green.

The afternoon wasn't much better. I did a couple of greens in total, pretty lax compared to yesterday, but we did go up on the massive 160 person telecabin to a height of 2740m. Visibility was bad so we didn't see much but it was still scary being that high.

So overall it was a bit of a doss day - I didn't get much skiing in but had a laugh exploring the resort. Round that off with a brilliantly violent snowball fight between friends and you have a day that was inadvertently great.

Off the slopes, chalet life is still brilliant, intimate and fun.

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