Sunday, October 7

TV Presenting For Beginners: Day Two

Continuing on from yesterday, today was pretty much more of the same. Well I say "more" when in actual fact we only created two more pieces of work in front of the camera.

The first was a class exercise using a teleprompter. I think most of us found this pretty straightforward and not as counter-intuitive or off-putting as it could have been. Still it was a bit tricky for some of us to remember that we weren't just supposed to read the words off a page.

The final exercise was to do an individual piece form a choice of around six options. I chose to do the teleshopping activity and for two minutes I was trying to sell a beard trimmer on QVC. It was more fun than it may sound.

And that was it really. The day went ever faster than it did yesterday, and it was a good chance to put into practise the hints we had been already given. The class was rounded up with general tips on how to practice further, how to move forward in the industry and any obstacles we may encounter in the real media world.

As for me, well I'm not sure TV presenting is something I'll be quitting my day job for. As a rare activity I do now and then it's pretty cool though, and this course was just the ticket I needed to smooth over any rough edges I may have had (and no, I'm not just talking about that red topi).