Saturday, October 13

Film: Laaga Chunari Mein Daag Click for more info

Okay, I admit it, I'm not quite sure what the title means or what proverb it's referring to. Thankfully, that didn't stop me from enjoying this film as much as I did.

More "life" than "love" story, LCMD is mainly about Badki (an ever delightful Rani Mukerji) and the lengths she goes to to save her cash-poor family of all its ills. A heroic but sparse Abhishek Bachchan is thrown in at regular intervals just in case you needed a romantic thread to keep the film together, but I found it largely irrelevant to the main story. Chutki (Konkona Sen Sharma) and the rest of the talented supporting cast are thrown in to round things off.

Shot well, acted adequately and offering a strong balance of both tears and joy, I thought that LCMD was pretty damn good; certainly one of the better "classical" Bollywood flicks I've seen this year. Worth it for the cheesy feel good factor alone, I heartily recommend it.

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