Saturday, October 13

Film: The Heartbreak Kid Click for more info

A Farrelly brothers film was probably not the smartest choice with which to begin my post-Ramadan film feast, but it had been on my list to watch at some point and was chosen to be watched.

So we have the usual smut and vulgarity hanging around a plot of sorts, a "real-life" context in which a fairytale is spun out and a fair few laughs we've come to expect from a typical Farrelly flick.

But perhaps it was because we had just come of Eid, or perhaps I was just knackered, but The Heartbreak Kid just didn't quite seem to cut it. I did chuckle and I was revolted and I did go "aaw", just not enough and to the same extent as I would have for one of its predecessors.

One to save for the good ol' DVD, I think.

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