Monday, October 29

Stopped And Searched In His Tracks Click for more info

Minister detained at US airport

What this headline fails to mention is that the stopped official in question was Shahid Malik, minister for international development. This event is ironic on so many levels, I'm going to have to list them all one by one.

IRONY ONE: He was returning from a series of meetings in Washington dealing with terrorism (probably including security of this type).

IRONY TWO: Shahid has previously spoken about how being stopped for being a Muslim is now a fact of life and we should accept it as such.

IRONY THREE: His deep disappointment at being stopped purely because he's a government official.

It seems that a day doesn't go by without us creeping closer to an Animal Farm; some certainly seem to be more equal than others at the moment. My respect for this man has reached a new low and if I was allowed to swear on this blog I know what I'd call him.

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  1. Anonymous16:34

    shaks first political post!
    its a slippery slope.

    I had forgotten who he was until IRONY TWO. maaaan i need to mentally return home, or do I.

    His own ontological(maybe?) issues aside. Is he any good at DfID work?