Sunday, October 7

Being a Child of the Seventies

You know, it's a very unique thing being a child of the Seventies. For instance:

  • We missed out on cheap housing, just as we got into a position to buy.
  • We missed out on making a ton of money with over-inflated IT contract rates.
  • We were of the generation that owned Back to the Future and Indiana Jones.
  • We did The Transformers first.
  • We've been around since the beginning of videogaming.
  • We were influenced by the hippie-ness of the Sixties, without having to be hippies ourselves.
  • We were of a youthful partying age when the Millennium hit (although for some of us it was Ramadan anyway).
  • We know what Tube trains used to look like before they got upgraded.
  • We have seen our fair share of wars, including that sparked off by 9/11.
  • We know of life before and after PCs and the Internet.
  • We know of life before satellite television.
  • We know what it's like to meet up with friends as a teenager without owning mobile phones.
  • We witnessed some major growth and evolutionary changes of Islam in the UK.
  • We got stuck in relationship limbo, where, although we could "fight" off forced marriages without too much trouble, we weren't allowed or equipped to find our own instead.
Still, I think it's a brilliant era to have been born in and I wouldn't swap it for any other in its vicinity. All hail the Seventies!

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