Saturday, March 24

A Slide or Modern Art? Click for more info

I managed to spend a few hours at the Tate Modern today. I went mainly to see/ride the current Unilever Turbine Room exhibit, The Carsten Holler slides, although of all the London galleries and museums I've visited I've always been up for the Modern more than usual.

After queuing for over half an hour, I found that the slides themselves were a tiny bit anticlimactic. Although from outside they seem pretty exciting, they end pretty quickly and are actually not that fast. Perhaps that's unsurprising though, after all these were pieces of art rather than thrilling roller coasters. Piccies should be up on Picasa soon.

Still, at least I got to see some of the new artworks while I was waiting. I totally forgot that Amrita Sher-gil's stuff was there, so it was a pleasant surprise to check it out (even though it wasn't all that after all). My hit for today were the various Collection Displays - I can't remember which theme in particular I liked the most, but they were all worth wondering around in their weird and manic ways that I'm still not sure I get completely. That, quite possibly, being the point.

It was a nice leisurely way to spend a Saturday afternoon.