Tuesday, March 6

Meeting a Producer

Today, a friend and I had a meeting with an executive producer at an independent television production company. I won't dwell on the details here, but overall it went pretty well and we learned quite a lot in the limited time we had with him.

It's funny how these things are though. Meeting a telly exec sounds like a big deal (and it certainly felt so in the week running up to today's meeting) but in the actual situation it wasn't that heavy. I guess it goes back to a post (which, it seems, I've yet to write) about how all people are also human and how big things are made up of smaller and more trivial manageable pieces; baby steps if you will. It's an encouraging realisation, since it suddenly puts these big things in the potential hands of us mere mortals too.

So yeh, today felt like a step in the right direction: the person we were meeting probably went through the same thing when he started out too. And who knows? Perhaps we'll be dishing out the same advice he gave us down the road somewhere... But regardless of what actually comes out of today, it was certainly worth it in its own right too.