Sunday, March 25

Film: 300 Click for more info

Super violent extravaganza about a bunch of Spartans (300 to be precise) defending their land against an oncoming Persian army made up of an estimated ONE BILLION men.

300 was filmed in that high contrast CGI style, not quite what was seen in Sin City, but still striking nonetheless. However, where it keeps ahead in visual style it fails in direction; it wasn't anything more than point and shoot at the person talking.

That is, apart from when no one was talking. The fight scenes were really good, if not a bit short lived. Still there were plenty to choose from, each battle having its own quirk as if levels from a videogame. Most were beautifully choreographed, while the others just stuck to barefaced visual stunning. Although there were perhaps way too many half naked men for my liking.

And yet, I come away slightly disappointed with 300. There was no depth to this movie, no emotion or feeling. I wasn't really bothered when some people died, or when others betrayed. Not only that, but the makers didn't even bother with the characters; you were either good or bad in this movie, right or wrong. It wasn't quite the jingoistic affair some critics have accused it of, but it would have helped if it wasn't all so black and white (and I mean that almost literally).

Worth watching just for the blood and swords, just don't expect anything but a shallow experience along with it.