Sunday, March 18

Game: Excite Truck (Wii) Click for more info

Excite Truck is a very shallow game. Holding the Wii remote horizontally, you twist and turn the remote in order to steer your on-screen truck, tilting it forwards and back in order to gain hight on the many jumping opportunities that lace the sixteen or so race tracks the game has to offer.

And that's it really. But it's in its simplicity it is actually quite fun. You feel a real sense of motion as you fly through the air, and it soon becomes second nature to trigger the more complex stunts in order to earn more points - with enough scope for an expert to get even more over time.

There is something surreal about controlling a vehicle with movement, especially when there is no feedback, but you soon get over that. Graphics are okay, music is atrocious (but that's fine since you can play your own via the SD card), but as a game it works well. It's a nice complement to my current collection of Wii games.

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