Saturday, March 3

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"Hmm. We haven't exploited a Marvel franchise for a while..."

"Well, yeh. That's 'cos we've done them all, right?"

"Huh? There's hundreds of characters we can exploi- erm, I mean use to tell a story."

"Well we haven't made a Ghost Rider film yet. What about that?"

"Ghost Rider eh? Is that the flaming skull guy? I LOVE IT!"

"Great. I mean he's not the most popular character, but there's potential if we put in some effort..."

"Effort? That sounds pricey. Can't we just put in a few special effects and call it a day?"

"I don't think audiences appreciate that kinda thing anymore, boss. They want a plot and good script and stuff now."

"Phooey they do. It's all about the action with these things; we don't need any intelligence here. I tell you what... I'll even whack in a hot babe too. Hey Eva Mendes is free right?"

"I think so. I'm still not sure about all this though. Shouldn't we at least try to give people a good story? I mean you do remember what happened with Elektra, right? We were way off the mark with that one, only 'cos we didn't bother."

"Nah. Elektra failed 'cos she wasn't a well known character..."


"Tut. Okay, fine. We'll spend some money on the lead... How about Nick Cage for the Ghost Rider himself?"

"Isn't he a bit.. old?"

"Nah. He'll be fine. And since it's all CG anyway, we won't even have to pay him full."

"Huh? You sure he'll be up for that? I mean he might not even bother acting well if you pull a stunt like that..."

"It'll be fine. And the money we save we can put into production costs - you know have it well shot and edited!"

"... You're kidding right?"

"Yes I am. I have a living to make y'know."

"Sigh. Well to be honest I think Ghost Rider is gonna turn out pretty crap if you carry on with this plan. You can't just ride on the character and make a shallow film. People just won't go.

"'Course they will. They'll be some poor sap who won't believe anyone can mess up a comic book. And once they've paid who cares what they think when they leave the cinema. And for those who don't... Well I'm sure they'll pick up the DVD later anyway."

"By golly. That's harsh. I don't think I'm comfortable with the idea of intentionally making a bad film."

"Oh. I see. Fine. Hey by the way... Has your wife stopped asking for that new car?"


"Well then. Give Nick a call."

"Urgh. Yes sir..."