Wednesday, March 28

One To Watch: The Apprentice Click for more info

Tonight, 9pm BBC1

It's back! Despite my following of Celebrity Big Brother a couple of months ago, there's no doubt that The Apprentice remains my only favourite of all the many reality shows currently being thrown at us.

This season promises to be more real, as the candidates have been picked for reasons other than how much entertainment they will provide to us, a gagging audience. I'm not convinced, but then I didn't think anything needed changing anyway. Bring on the muppets in force I say.

Of course it's obvious who I'll be following. At 23, Ghazal is the youngest ever potential apprentice, and is both pretty and Glaswegian; two qualities I always look for when determining success. As an aside there is also an above average number of Asian candidates. I wonder how long they'll last...


  1. well it looks like your prayers have been answered ...javine promises to provide more than her fair share of muppetery. what a psycho bitch. the girl has enough chips on her shoulder to feed a family of five. yes we get it, you're black and you're female. isn't it typical that soemone like ruth badger should actually LIKE her. can't wait for alan sugar to tell her to shut the f*** up. ironic that the one person who loves the sound of her own voice most should accuse others of not listening.

  2. :D

    < ///\\\>omg, such strong sentiments. wow.

    anyway, inevitably, Tre will provide the much needed excitement on the show.