Saturday, June 4

Thorpe Park

Today was spent in that fun corner of Surrey called Thorpe Park. It must have been ten years or so since I last went, and boy has it changed.

It's now more roller coastery and actiony than the sublime and peaceful I remember it to be. This is no bad thing, but the Old Thorpe Park had its place too, being a place that everyone, bravados and pussies alike, could enjoy. Now, if you're not a rollercoaster nut then there's not much left for you.

Still I think we (all 17 of us, aged three to well over thirty. Not mentioning any names, of course) had a laugh anyway, but not due to the park itself. From the convoy to and from there, to the utilisation to the fullest of our disabled party status to the biryani lunch it was hella fun, and where we did it became largely irrelevant.

Strangely we got sent home at 6; I'm pretty certain theme parks used to open later than that in the old days. Them cheekily selling cut price tickets on the way out may have had something to do with this new policy though. Luckily thanks to some acrobatic time scheduling we managed to complete our tour of the Park missing out only on a few of the smaller fairground rides. I'm astonished that they have the gall to charge 28 quid entry, although judging by the number of people who had 2-for-1 vouchers (including 8 of us), I'm not sure many pay full whack.

This one was a long time coming, but I reckon we all got the taste for this now, so hopefully next time will come sooner rather than later.