Tuesday, June 21


xxx says: its raining :9
xxx says: :(
xxx says: and av worn white again and flip flops
xxx says: disastrous combo
Shak says: you foool!!!
Shak says: even i know never to do that
xxx says: i didnt know it was goint o rain
xxx says: :S
Shak says: go hom bare footed i say
xxx says: or walk in skating manner?
xxx says: try not to lift my feet off the floor
Shak says: never works
Shak says: you can be as careful as you can.... but youll still get THE SPECKS
xxx says: :(
xxx says: hope it dsnt rain some more
xxx says: as long as there aint no puddles.. i'll be fine
Shak says: good luck
xxx says: its murder washing out mud stains from white