Sunday, June 5


Those that know me will say how anal I am about schedules and time keeping, and when I was younger there wasn't an appointment I'd miss (I came late for only one out of however many lectures I had in my four year uni course. Sad, but impressive regardless I reckon). However, an recent ongoing trend for me is to be late for stuff.

This morning I was fifteen minutes late for my 20 minute optician's appointment, and so missed it. There was no penalty or anything and the guy was actually quite easy about it, but I was still quite disgusted with myself. It doesn't matter that it was 'cos of running or Quran recitation that I was late (instead of, say, just not getting out of bed), the fact was that my and others time was wasted, thrown away, discarded.

I also barely made the start of Sin City arriving just as the age certificate thing came up. In fact meeting Steve et al in the seats is more common than meeting them in the foyer.

What's going on? Am I becoming lazy or complacent? More chilled out and less worried about timekeeping? Who knows... I don't like it though.