Tuesday, June 14

Shak's Choice: Melissa Theuriau

It's been a while, but let me present Melissa Theuriau. Possibly the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. And she reads the news too, apparently. Lucky French barstads. They get Melissa, and we get Moira Stewart (no offence Moira fans, but c'mon).

Every guy (and girl come to think of it) I've shown approves of Melissa, so she seems to have general appeal too. Apart from one guy, but I suspect that he's gay anyway.


  1. jaysus! she's fit!

  2. you swore shaksy!!!

    but yeah i approve she is hot .. :o)

  3. she [prettyy in most common demoninator kind of way. Though she looks like she's got too much make up on. However, i wouldn't say no.

  4. cos i was at a loose end, i found this. Please note, IT WILL OPEN AN ADULT WEBSITE. (but there's no rude pics on this particular page)


  5. http://data.over-blog.com/lib/8/1/2318/pics/melissa.jpg

    She wears stuff like this on the news?? I bet no-one is bloody even listening to what the hell she has to say! lol but yes she's is stunning.

  6. cough splutter cough!