Friday, June 24


xxx says: cool yyy can give me a lift back
yyy says: pussy
zzz says: do you like mine ?
xxx says: man... i aint stroked a pussy for ages
zzz says: really, when was the last time ?
xxx says: must have been around a year ago.... around a friend's house.
zzz says: he let you stroke his ?
xxx says: she did yes
zzz says: i stroked one last week at a shop
yyy says: lol
yyy says: brb
xxx says: ooh which one? did you have a choice of which pussy to play with?
zzz says: nah only a young one
xxx says: i cant wait till the yyys get theirs - if im lucky ill get to handle two at a time
zzz says: hehehe
yyy says: lol
yyy says: you sic bastards
yyy says: i did jus the one lar niggt
yyy says: but 3 times in a row
yyy says: ooo, too much?
zzz says: ^o)
zzz says: yes
yyy says: hahaha
xxx says: you should be careful with the young pussies... theyre smaller and may get hurt if handled rough
zzz says: lol
yyy says: i know
xxx says: and dont worry, ill still be around to play with your pussy zzz. its closer and therefore more convienient
zzz says: lol