Saturday, June 18

Film: Batman Begins Click for more info

A identity crisis gets in the way of making this film really really good. On the one hand it pays homage to what were, in my opinion, the Time Burton Batman classics. On the other hand, it tries to remain dark and powerful by being realistic. Of course the two don't mix, and what you end with is a film with more personality issues than it's main character.

The action scenes weren't really up to much either, the makers choosing to imply violence rather than show it. Good points include a strong cast, passable acting, and a pretty good premise (if you didn't know it's about how Batman comes about); and of course Katie* was the cherry on the cake.

So yes, a curiosity at best and one you may like.

* On seeing her again, I've managed to forgive her for being so stupid as to accept a proposal of marriage from Mr Cruise (or anyone). Anything I may have called her in the past few days were said out of anger and are not true.