Thursday, December 2

Yet Another Vectone Post

Who is that girl who hosts Vectone Bolly's (ch 831) Take One show (730-830pm, daily)? I think she's great:

Helloooo what's your lovely name me darlin'? Big up representin' West Yorkshire, I can feel your confidence ooozing over the phone. Aww bless you got it wrong, but call back and give it another go darlin'. Oh, my bad, you got it right! Woo woo. Oh-kay. Faantastic.

And she's definitely a Londoner, possibly even an Ilford girl. I think that I can watch her for ages. But no (before you suggest it), I'm not gonna pay 50p a minute to speak to her.

Shame she fancies Salman Khan though.

1 comment:

  1. >>Shame she fancies Salman Khan though

    :-DDDD she obviously has verrrryyyyyy good taste! who is she? radio presenter or summat?? you wont pay 50p a minute?? :-)... you will.. just wait.. you'll get a little more desty and you wont be able to help yourself ;-)