Wednesday, December 15

Good Riddance

I am of course talking about Blunkett. Now I don't give a poo about affairs and fast tracked visas (although I agree that he should go for these things alone). I'm glad he's gone after the contempt he showed for the electorate while asking them their opinion on his policies. It was kinda like:

DB: "Blah blah blah. So what do you think of that?"
Us: "Erm, you're wrong. See the thing is-"
DB (with fingers in ears): "La la la la. I can't hear you. And it doesn't matter anyway 'cos I'm a politician and so right by default."

In fact the only regret I have is that he didn't go directly because of his arrogance. Which kinda implies that the rest of the Government won't change in this respect either.

Oh well, I guess they still don't get my vote then. The thing is that, if Blair turned around and said: "Crap. What a mistake. I didn't realise he was scum. Good riddance to the tosser", I'd so vote for Labour in the next general election.


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  2. Agreed. He was an arrogant tosser and the reason few pointed this out so boldly, was because he was blind. Many commentators were wary of criticising him for the bigoted policies he championed and his glib condemnation of critics as "bleeding heart liberals". The was because he was disabled, it's as simple as that. They didn't want to seem unPC or too critical of a man who so obviously had to overcome terrible odds to succeed.

    If a sighted git had an affair with a married woman, whilst introducing policies that meant suspects were arrested and imprisoned without trial and talked about the need for immigrants to become more "British", he'd be slaughtered. If this same git then mocked critics so cruelly, he'd be a hate figure. When he resigned the coverage he received, was like if he was some latter day Saint.

  3. '"La la la la. I can't hear you.'
    A blind man refusing to listen.

  4. but he's lovely to his children.

  5. And he's blind. Did anyone mention that?