Saturday, December 4

I Am Addicted To Vectone

So yeh, it's 4pm on Saturday and I'm watching Nanhe Sitare on Vectone Urdu again[1]. Seeing as I'm currently out of serials to watch, Vectone Bolly (and to a lesser extent Urdu) are both being well used in this house. They're something everyone in the house can watch, and for me it also provides lots of pretty hosts.

I'm sure many of you will complain that, yet again, I'm going for the Plain Janes, but whoever picks the talent at Vectone is clearly on the same wavelength as I am. Well done to Vectone for appealing to such a wide audience.

Cripes. This blog is quickly becoming overrun with posts regarding women.

[1]No man. I'm not gonna screen capture her. That's just sick, dude.

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