Friday, December 3

I Heart The Tube

I saw the prettiest girl I have for a while at Oxford Street Station this morning. Bottom to top: Light blue khussa (moshi?) slipper things, blue Evisu jeans (hmm, I guess I can look past that though), some equally fashionable top that I didn't recognise, a pair of pink Winnie the Pooh gloves and a denim handbag. She was Asian (of course), petite and with dark straight hair and minimal makeup. And she was fit.

She was possibly a student though, and it's a shame that she went on to use the Bakerloo Line instead of the Victoria Line like I do.

Still, I think I'll be on a high for a few hours at least. So if you need any favours, now is probably the time to ask...


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  2. >>a pair of pink Winnie the Pooh gloves

    could have pinched them for me ;o)

  3. kusshe and winnie the poooh gloves...thats errr...hmm.. no no, thats fashion.

  4. >>maybe shes setting a new trend..

    no, Z.

    you forgot to note something vital here. this is Spammys choice. (mwahhahaha)

  5. i can think OF BETTER blogs tO WRITE YOUR CRAP ON ;-)