Monday, December 27

Sale Away

It's the time of the year where I go and brave the crowds in order to fulfill the chore that is my annual clothes shop. Today it was at Lakeside and curiously I ended up under budget. £95 got me the following:

  • A pair of brown/red jeany boot cut trousers from River Island
  • A thin chocolate top from RI
  • A pair of Golas from Eisenegger ("Who's a....")
  • An orange top from Gap ("Risk of the day")
  • A brown cardigan from Gap
  • A pair of olive low ride boot cuts from Gap.

Nothing from Next this year. I'd blame the one and a half hour queue to get out, but in reality they didn't actually have anything I wanted. So no, not a fantastic range (which explains the total), but I did snag a pair of shoes which is nice. What isn't is the fact that I'm going to return both pairs of trousers since I found that they've actually been designed for guys without balls. That brings me down to a pathetic £65, and further means I'll have to venture out again for at least one other pair. Gah. If anyone is out and about, let me know if you see something 30W32L and nice.

Oh, and I also bought Boggle for a tenner. Hooray!

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  1. i had no idea guys wear boot cut trousers.....