Sunday, December 5

Scary Baby

I'm not an expert on babies. Since Idris is the first one we've had in my extended family since the 80s, we're not really clued up on what they're supposed to be able to do, and at what age. But frankly, Idris is scaring me. Things to note are:

  • He's starting to talk. He has his Ps and Qs sorted, and can ask to open cupboards, go outside, say salaams and Allahhafizs.
  • He's able to copy others in reading salaat.
  • He's able to spot things (aeroplanes, birds and butterflies for instance) before we are.
  • Yesterday he was half controlling Mario on the Gamecube. And he knows to use the Sky remote to change channels.
  • Today he was rolling roti.
  • Not sure about this one. By when are kids supposed to have been potty trained?

Are these things normal for a 19 month old? I mean imitation is one thing, and I guess a lot of this is just that. Am I just cooing over him like a proud uncle?

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  1. aw!

    aww..wrt potty training..ahem talk about stating the obvious but i guess it varies. im sure, my siblings and i were all potty trained by 12mnths. oh and we started walking by then too.

    hmm, one thing thats always irritated me is seeing a mum stick a dummy into the mouth of a crying baby...or a baby sucking a dummy non stop.