Thursday, August 26

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Even though I'm not his biggest fan, I always feel compelled to check out the latest from Shyamalan. In fact it's often that rolling of the dice - that the film will either be great or a stinker - that ends up being more exciting than the film itself.

Alas in this case I'm the loser as Old wasn't that amazing. On the other hand it wasn't a total stinker either. It was just very ordinary, tepid and predictable in all the worst ways.

I think the main issue was the length. Each scene played out like a vignette, labouring the point harder and harder. Cutting away some of these would have made the film much better.

It's a shame because the premise did have promise, only to be let down by a shoddy plot and passable acting. If you consider yourself a Shyamalan fan then I think you will probably eat this up. For the rest of you a home watch might make it a bit more passable.

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