Friday, August 13

Food: Kurdistan Restaurant Click for more info

I honestly can't remember the last time I went for a meal on Edgware Road, and so I was a little surprised at how cleaned up it is now. For sure, it's still not my favourite place to go (I had always found it a little sleazy), but it does seem that COVID has been somewhat good for the place.

Location aside, the originally named Kurdistan Restaurant is a solid enough number which at first look offers the usual wares but with enough of a twist to make this different from the usual Persian/Lebanese kebab shops. Of course I stuck with what I knew and went with the two skewers of kebab. Here they're served with freshly made naan bread which was a highlight in itself.

I'm either out of practise eating out or Kurdistan errs on the heavier side of cooking but I was pretty much done after the two sticks. I could almost feel the grease congealing inside me, and if anything I was  feeling a little queasy by the end of the meal. That's a shame because the kebabs themselves were pretty good, managing to be both crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside. Maybe the trick was to order one between two or something? I didn't have any but the more "meat and rice" dishes of my fellow guests seemed to fare better overall.

Service was what you'd expect from a place like this (so nothing to scream about), while pricing was also on par at around £12 for a meal and shared starters (but no drinks). So it seems that just like Edgware Road itself, Kurdistan isn't a favourite but has nothing really to complain about either.

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