Thursday, August 5

Food: Tukdin Click for more info

Until today, I thought that the only real game in town for Malaysian food was Satay House. I'm still in two minds as to whether that still holds, but (spoilers) I actually rather enjoyed Tukdin regardless of its Malaysian food chops.

Of course I'm no expert, but from the start there was something slightly off about the food we ate tonight. The satay, for example, came clean (without sticks) and appeared to be fried. Definitely not the picture postcard you'd expect. But here's the thing: it was amongst the best satay I've ever had.

And so it went on. The never quite Malaysian food would probably have failed any real critical test I would have applied if I was a real foodie, and yet I came away very content and very full. Even the lamb dish was decent enough.

Add to that some amazing service from the family run business, a comfortable level of intimacy with its no more than 30 covers and even a cute little prayer facility in the basement and you end with a package that really did shine.

Our varied menu selection fed six and came to a clean £20 per head which was just about the most I would pay for such a meal. A more discerning selection might have been just as effective but I had such a nice time I didn't complain too much.

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