Wednesday, August 11

Book: White Sand Volume 1, Brandon Sanderson, Rik Hoskin, Julius Gopez Click for more info

In what is pretty much a vindication of the breadth of the Cosmere, here we have the first part in a trilogy of graphic novels chronicling the events and magic of the Taldian system.

I can't say I fully welcomed the change in format, although a large part of that was due to the way I was consuming the comic - as convinced I've been by ebooks, I'm not sure the electronic medium sits well with comics.

But practicalities aside White Sand does seem to be the story that benefits most from pictures, with the world and magic all benefiting from visualisation - if anything highlighting the fact that the world and magic aren't as deep as the rest of the Cosmere. Still, we're in full crossover mode now, and as such this is essential reading.

There is also a prose version of the story to be found in certain corners - I've decided that it would be pretty redundant to read both that and the graphic novels, but it may be an option if you prefer creating your own imagery. Officially only the graphic novel is canon, so your mileage may vary.

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