Tuesday, September 7

Film: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Click for more info

Although technically Black Widow marks the real return of the MCU post COVID, it's Shang-Chi that really starts the engines of Phase 4. That said, it's a great film in its own right that manages to get things mostly correct.

Its little surprise that Shang-Chi has the best martial arts of the MCU, if not the best fights overall. What is a surprise is that the plot matches the action (with some marvellous use of non-linear storytelling), and even the characters do a fabulous job of keeping us engaged (and I'm delighted to confirm that Awkwafina isn't the annoying side character I was expecting her to be).

In many ways this was the film I personally wanted Black Panther to be, and fixes many of the shortcomings I felt that it had. This is even more impressive given the paltry attention and marketing budget it was apparently given during its release. Very much recommended.

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