Wednesday, September 8

Book: Edgedancer, Brandon Sanderson Click for more info

The funniest thing is how Sanderson describes this book as a "novella". At almost 200 pages it's in the same ball park as a Mistborn novel. But compared to the next book on the list - Oathbringer - it's an almost a distraction[1].

That's not to take away anything at all from Edgedancer, and is in fact one of the reasons I'm so bemused by it. It's as full a story as I would like, while remaining as accessible and lean as Sanderson does. In fact, I'd suggest that a few of the Stormlight books could do with a bit of splitting up.

Unlike some of the other entries in Arcanum Unbounded it's also pretty essential reading. Otherwise the usual Cosmere feedback applies here too - Edgedancer is a well written, technically apt block in the world constantly being built up, and both gave as much as left me looking for more.

[1]Spoilers: Oathbringer weighs in at 1500 pages. Expect the review to hit in 2023.

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