Tuesday, October 5

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And so we have it. After a whopping 15 years, the Daniel Craig era of James Bond is over. The good news is that unlike other movie saga "endings", No Time To Die doesn't disappoint. In fact it may even sit toward the top of the list.

Whether this lack of disappointment is due to the lack of hype (COVID delays notwithstanding, this was no Endgame level event) or just a well built film is a question I don't have the interest to ask. Some may find the age old formula of dependable Bond tiresome, but I guess I'm a bit of a fanboy when it comes to this spy. Six years is a long time to wait though.

Interestingly there is a maturity here that we may not have seen in other Bond eras - gone are the ridiculous gadgets for instance, while the female representation seems to have moved on (although really James, no does mean no). On the other hand we do still have the disfigured villain - albeit one whose drive and ambition is left unexplained.

A special nod goes to Ana de Armas, not just for being, well her, but also to contribute to an overall strange yet brilliant set piece which played more as an Easter egg for Knives Out fans than anything else - kind of like 007's take on an item number. They even seem to acknowledge that.

Otherwise the film was well acted and produced, and even built in way that seemed much more solid and secure than its four prequels. The 160 minute runtime didn't labour much at all. So yes, after five films No Time To Die was pretty much the perfect ending to a brilliant series. Recommended.

And for completion here's my thoughts on the previous films:

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