Wednesday, October 6


It what must be the most cringe thing I've done this side of the pandemic, tonight I spent a few hours in the live audience of a Gamesmaster filming. Yes, after 25 years (or something) it's back. I would spend some words talking about the memories - it really was a special show in many ways - but you either know it or you don't.

Of course I didn't know who the presenters or celebrities were. And of course I was probably amongst the oldest there. Interestingly I wasn't expecting it to be so white and male, but then I guess some things are yet to change. The location was in line, apparently a power station (but really a water treatment plant).

We saw Splatoon 2 and Tekken being played, with Mortal Kombat being queued up as we left (there was only so much faux enthusiasm we were able to take). I may have been part of some direct audience participation - I will confirm or deny such a thing once the show airs.

Oh and no, we didn't get to see who the new Gamesmaster is - presumably that will be done elsewhere and put together in post.

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