Thursday, January 14

West Coast USA, Day Two: Viva Las Vegas

It's probably missing the point checking out the strip during the day, but for me it did help gauge the exact size and scale of the strip and the buildings it held. Being a bit of a walker, I scoffed at all the warnings I got about walking - although possible it did take an absolute age to get around by foot. I have to admit that it was initially fun doing so; even during the AM there was lots to see and experience, especially for those who people watch. After a while, however, the whole thing did start feeling slightly superficial and even tacky. I'm hoping a proper look during the night will confirm exactly what the fuss is all about.

After a Korean BBQ, we headed to Down town, otherwise known as Fremont Street. This apparently was the original strip, and in some ways appeared to have more of a vibe and authenticity to it - albeit not in every way good. But there were icons to see, including those during a drive down that street of chapels. So tacky it was good.

We rounded off the evening with a Japanese dinner and then caught a comedy hypnotist show. Of course I didn't for once believe anything that was happening on the stage this evening... but equally of course I didn't volunteer myself just in case.

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