Monday, January 18

West Coast USA, Day Five: Leaving Las Vegas

We didn't really do much this morning on this, our last day in Vegas. The plan was actually to leave much earlier but we didn't manage to hit that particular target - but failed logistics aside, we were finally leaving Las Vegas.

A friend suggested that we check out something called the Valley of Fire. It was in the opposite direction to where we wanted to actually go, but some quick research convinced us to give it a try. It turned out that this was a great decision; in many ways I found the views more inspiring than those I saw yesterday in the Canyon. It was pretty alien to be honest, and another example of exactly how diverse the USA can be.

Although our time in the Valley of Fire was unmissable, it did suck up more time that we wanted to; in fact we didn't really have much time at all to see much of San Diego when we arrived close to midnight. However that in itself gave us a great excuse to try the 24 hour diner that is Denny's, so I guess we managed to remain tourists till the end.

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