Thursday, January 21

West Coast USA, Day Nine: Today Is Culture Day

After prioritising our list of things to do we settled on starting the day at The Getty Museum. This is probably the top most attraction in LA for anyone with a vague interest in museums or art, and it was well worth checking out. The building itself was interesting enough, while it's collection had more than enough breadth to keep us busy for the morning and beyond.

It was actually so good, we lost all track of time - make sure you budget for just how much there is you'll want to see there. Although The Getty turned out to be the most wondering of timesinks, it did mean that we had to cancel our planned trip on a studio tour. Instead, we headed to The Broad, another excellent cultural highlight of LA, this time hosting a selection of fine modern art. It was no Tate, but pretty good nonetheless.

And that was all the tourism for the day. Like yesterday, our timekeeping and efficiency left a lot to be desired... and yet I don't feel that I missed out on too much. We had dinner plans with a friend of mine down in Long Beach which would have been nice to have seen in the day time, but we settled with Compton and Skid Row by night instead. Quite.

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