Friday, January 15

West Coast USA, Day Three: A Jummah in Sin City

I'll be honest - I initially was wondering whether or not there were any Jummah facilities in one of the most decadent and sinful cities in the world. In hindsight I was being silly of course - it'd be hard to not find a mosque in any reasonably sized city these days, and Vegas proved to be no exception. We actually had a choice of venues, but picked the closest one we could find to the strip.

The khutba itself was insightful and progressive; the congregation young and enthusiastic. It's always refreshing to see a budding Muslim community and we spent some time talking to the locals to get a better picture of what it was like to practice there. And of course get some food tips - even though halal food wasn't impossible to find in this town it's always nice to get recommendations... even though that resulted in us having a turkish grill for lunch.

In the evening a few of us treated ourselves to a show - we watched Cirque Du Soleil's O which we were told was one of the best productions on the strip by the troupe, if not by anyone on the strip. It was pricey (even though we restricted ourselves to the cheap seats) but worth it: the whole show was pretty overwhelming and I suspect even a second or third viewing would have us missing stuff. What we did see was magnificently impressive.

We ended the evening hanging with the wider wedding party at Planet Hollywood. It's actually becoming quite interesting to see all the different themes and vibes the different hotels have, and Planet Hollywood was no less unique (and no, I'm not referring to its Pleasure Pit). Otherwise I didn't really party that hard and was in bed by midnight (if only for the early start the next day).

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