Tuesday, January 19

West Coast USA, Day Seven: San Diego

Our ad hoc trip into Mexico yesterday meant squeezing the rest of our schedule. I was probably the least bothered about this; as I have learned in previous trips the lack of schedules always adds a huge amount to any tour that I've previously been on. The trick is to prioritise what you want to see and forgive the rest, and in our case San Diego had a clear priority: The USS Midway. Actually wait, no. The first priority was actually breakfast, and with a little help from Google* we found a pretty amazing 24 hour place on the way.

We made the rookie mistake of ordering one breakfast each, when each could have supported a small family for days. But hey, welcome to California I guess. Aside from that there was something pivotal about this morning's breakfast, kind of like a formal transitioning from a vacation that was busy and scheduled to a holiday that was whimsical and dynamic. Despite the extra calories I actually felt lighter for it.

Back on the tourist trail, we eventually made it to the USS Midway, a deommissioned aircraft carrier that had been re-purposed as a maritime museum. Needless to say it was pretty awesome. The fact that it was a real life aircraft carrier was amazing enough, but the museum side of things was just as top notch... and once again we found ourselves struggling to consume it all. It was pretty late in the afternoon when we left for La Jolla.

La Jolla is, apparently, the fancy part of San Diego. Apart from a few shiny cars it didn't have much of that vibe, but that could be due to the classiness of the rich people around rather than their bank balances. It was clean and lush and oh my the sea lions were smelly. I could just about see it as a laid back place to retreat to, which in actual fact was a vibe I felt across the city as a whole. This feeling carried on through to a simple dinner consisting of fish tacos and some luscious desserts with some local friends; much fun and good conversation was had on this, our final and only night in San Diego - we left for Los Angeles right after saying our goodbyes.

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